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The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

Great career advice from Daniel Pink for the new graduates.

Mindjet mind map:

MindMeister mind map:

Today’s Goals: 5 Daily Goals to A Purposeful and Rewarding Day

These five goals initially started as a personal exercise to help me develop meaningful goals for each day, and then grew into a useful theme to help others direct their lives toward more personally meaningful goals.

Today’s goals consist of giving, growing, and having fun:

Giving (external)

    1. Create value: Create products and ideas that matter. 

    2. Help others: Help others do and grow.

Growing (internal; self-growth)

    3. Learn something: Be a lifelong learner.

    4. Get better: Improve your knowledge and skills, and apply what you’ve learned.


    5. Have fun: Be mindful and enjoy the day.

These 5 goals have helped me direct my day to a more purposeful, meaningful, exciting, and rewarding day. I hope they do the same for you.

Collaboration with visual recorder and mind map artist Diego Mozzo.

Google Helpout on Mind Mapping

Exciting news: I’m one of the first people offering personalized help over live video through Google Helpouts.

I’m offering FREE mind mapping help through end of the year and invite you to check out my Mind Mapping Helpout at

Helping Your Child Find their Passions & Interests

Presentation by Dr. Tracy Cross, President of the National Association for the Gifted Children, at the October 2013 Fairfax County Public Schools Advanced Academic Programs Parent Conference.

Lots of excellent tips for parents to help their children succeed.

MindMeister mind map:

Mindjet mind map on Biggerplate:

"Teaching students how to learn is as important as teaching them content, because acquiring both the right learning strategies and background knowledge is important—if not essential—for promoting lifelong learning." writes John Dunlosky, professor of psychology at Kent State University, in an article just published in American Educator. 

Full article:

This is a follow-up article to a comprehensive report, “Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques,” by Dunlosky et al. released earlier this year which examined and rated effectiveness of 10 learning strategies. 

Full study:

Summary mind map:

Final Argument: Great whiteboard and presentation iPad app

Final Argument ( captured my attention because of its mind mapped, non-linear layout of slides. 

Features (see screenshot):

1. There’s a separation of presenter’s view from the audience’s view. As a presenter, you see both screens which helps you with transition between slides but your audience sees only the slides in audience’s view. You also have the option to show your audience the entire screen of your iPad (both views).

2. Presenter’s view has a mind map layout of slides so that you can organize slides as a mind map and plan your presentation. See this 90 second demo:

3. You can record sessions (screencasts) and export as video.

4. You can pull contents, including PPT, from the cloud (Dropbox, Evernote, etc). I pulled a PPT file from Dropbox and worked without a glitch.

5. Use as whiteboard: draw, and add/modify objects. Zoom in and out to manipulate whiteboard and objects.

6. Use laser while presenting or make edits to slides as you present.

7. Integrates with Explain Everything (, a sister app whiteboard and screencasting tool.

Check out this 2-minute overview of the app:

Also check out these video tutorials (connect to cloud, create a presentation from existing materials, explain slides using whiteboard, organize your slides as a mind map, using the external screen, record presentation as a screencast):

I was greatly impressed with the functionality and can see why it’s getting great reviews from lawyers, professors, and business professionals.

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